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Magnetic Filament Monitor by Duet3D

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Rotating Magnet Filament Monitor

The Duet3D Rotating Magnet Filament Monitor very accurately senses filament movement. Connect it to a Duet 2 or Duet 3 and the controller will use the indicated movement to determine a wide range of extrusion issues including:

  • Filament run out
  • Extruder skipping stepps
  • Nozzle starting to jam (causing skipped steps or grinding)
  • Filament beginning to grind in the extruder

It does this so accurately because it is effectively an extruder in reverse. The filament movement rotates a custom machined hobbed magnet assembly; the magnet rotation is  sensed and constantly reported to the Duet.This method has proven extremely accurate across a wide range of filaments – frequently capable of pausing the print before a filament jam or other issue has already caused the print to fail.


Assembled Only.

The monitor is only available assembled and tested at this stage, though we may offer it as a kit in the future.

It comes with a connector pack with the Molex-KK-style housings and crimps to connect the monitor to the Duet.



The filament monitor is easy to setup and calibrate to your filament: Setting up the rotating magnet filament monitor.