Warranty Policy for Duet3D products purchased through Capstone CADEM LLC

Warranty Policy

Thank you for your purchase of a Duet3D product. This policy sets out our warranty policy that applies when a product develops a fault. If you wish to return a product that is not faulty, please see the returns section of the Duet3D terms and conditions

Note: this policy applies only to products purchased from Capstone CADEM LLC.

Prior to Capstone authorizing a return, you must post on the Duet3D forums in order to establish that the fault is not being caused by a configuration error. If a hardware fault is confirmed, the Forum admins/moderators will approve a replacement.  You must have approval from an administrator or moderator on the forum before a replacement can be processed. If you do not do this your warranty return will be rejected and you will need to resubmit, adding significant time to the process

Limited warranty cover

This warranty covers any defects in material and workmanship in products purchased from www.Capstone3DP.com for a period of 6 months from purchase. This warranty is subject to the following exclusions: 

  • This policy does not apply if the product has been tampered with, repaired and/or modified by non authorized personnel.
  • It does not apply to  damage caused by an external electrical fault, accident or natural disaster.
  • It does not apply if the damage has been caused by intentional or accidental incorrect wiring or other abuse of the product. For examples see: https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/How_to_destroy_your_Duet_WiFi_or_Duet_Ethernet
  • Capstone CADEM & Duet3D are not liable for any damage to files stored on the SD card or other storage media of the product.
  • This policy does not apply to Beta products provided (even if we charge for provision of the beta product)
  • This policy, including the shipping terms below, does not apply if your product is found not to have a hardware fault.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Capstone CADEM and Duet3D will not accept liability for consequential loss or damage caused by the failure of any of its products, however caused

If your returned product fails to be eligible for repair or replacement under this policy due to the exclusions above then we will charge the full cost of shipping and repair/replacement.

Repair/Replacement policy.

If the product meets the terms of the limited warranty cover we will:

  • at our discretion, repair the product or replace it with a new or repaired product, of equivalent or more recent version;
  • refund the cost of shipping the product to us by the most appropriate economical means (We will confirm this by email with you when you request a warranty return);
  • cover the cost of shipping the repaired product or warranty replacement back to you by a postage method of our choosing.
  • not cover taxes, duties or other import/export charges on warranty returns, however we will mark the package clearly as a warranty return.

All repaired or replaced products will be under warranty for the remaining period of warranty of the original purchase or for 3 months, whichever is longer.

Warranty Procedure

If there is an obvious visible fault on the product, such as a failed component, then please fill out our Duet3D Warranty Return Form – see below.

If there is nothing visibly wrong with the product, then you should confirm that the fault is not caused by firmware, configuration or a issue external to the Duet3d.com product. Check the documentation, especially:

If you are unable to resolve the problem by reference to the documentation, then you need to post a request for help on our Forum. Our Forum Admins will help you to troubleshoot the issue, and will authorize a warranty replacement if necessary.

If a warranty replacement is authorized on the Forum, you will need to complete our warranty return form below.

Warranty Return Form

This is located at:-

Duet3D Warranty Return Form.

Please Include as much information as possible, most importantly the Forum link if the warranty was authorized there, as it will help us process your warranty return as quickly as possible. You will receive email confirmation when you fill out the form and we will be in touch by email within 2 working days.